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Alternative Greece

And the story goes....

Greece is known for it's beautiful beaches and seas, a variety of foods (olives, feta cheese, souvlakis),
it's ancient culture, and the Greek Gods...Alternative Vacation in Greece

Is it only that ? are we done here?
we can assure you not....

A country that although statistically small, is huge in its diversity.

A landscape that has given us thousands of postcard images but remains incredibly vibrant and impossible to capture.

Capure with us in our journey endless unique coastlines with Sea-Kayaking trips and discover the beauty of caves, fiords unique beaches across.You haven't seen it all.
Explore between charming villages and small distances vibrant rivers and creeks with crystal clear waters that wait for you and your company to have fun, adrenaline picks and amazing memories to take with.

Prepare yourself to hike along special paths, cross gorges, lakes, valleys, mountainsides.

Prepare yourself to hike along special paths, cross gorges, lakes, valleys, mountainsides.
...every picture is unique, every feeling priceless. Everybody welcome.

Greece hosts not only the ancient spirit, but a freedom that allows you to explore your senses. Lovely guest houses with regional receipes that diverse in taste and pleasure.

Treat yourself with daily sea kayak trips along amazing beaches and sceneries you only imagine demanding no experience only your good spirit.Check out amazing dive paradises and suberb waves.

You are not a number to us,

you are a unique guest

and that is how we only know to treat you


...paradise Off-Road

Thousands of kilometers of forest roads, abandoned roads, mutilated [derby road] Off Road and routes to natural terrain, with free access [legally] to 4x4.

Escape [routes] designed 4x4 [appropriate] level of difficulty depending on who you ask. Itineraries designed for SUV, for 4WD. Walks Off-Road by Extreme Off-Road.


Greece cannot be captured in postcards 
come off road it and fun yak it over !!!